Privacy options for WhatsApp

Protect your personal information with these privacy options for WhatsApp, which will give more control to your activity.

Privacy Tips WhatsApp

Mobile messaging applications have made it more difficult to lead a life without risks, especially when they can commit much information is exchanged. That’s why we have to share some privacy options for WhatsApp. We are talking about additional functions to help you personalize your chats with other contacts.

WhatsAppAs recalled, since the application decided to add blue double check, it is now possible to know exactly whether the message was read by the recipient. While there are options to disable this ad, we have other tools to protect your privacy.

Tips for privacy in WhatsApp

If you have a large or you’re in a job interview meeting, WhatsApp has a function to mute conversations and temporarily suspend notifications. This will allow your phone may not play sounds or vibrate at inopportune times.

What you must do is go to chat information window and press the “Mute Group” option. Immediately push notifications that conversation is void (repeat the same steps to return to receive message alerts).

And if you prefer something more radical, good advice privacy is the option to archive the entire conversation, so that the history is not displayed on the main screen.

How to program automatic messages on WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp has an option to not show your last connection, simply reply to a message or start a conversation to find out what time of day we were connected. Fortunately, the messaging application supports run other external programs that are responsible for implementing new actions, such as scheduling automatic messages.

Thanks to Seebye Scheduler , you can program the messages will be sent during the day when you want the contact of your choice. The only requirement is to download the free app on your phone, and get to your WhatsApp account. Then you can leave a written message to greet a friend for her birthday, or making your contact believe you’re online.

Try these options for privacy in WhatsApp and use the program freely without being accountable to anyone.

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