How to clean the keypad of a mobile phone

Sometimes dirt and grease that accumulates on the mobile phone requires us to strongly press the buttons to operate.

Cleaning a phone keypad

Mobile phones have evolved a lot in recent times, since they currently have several benefits such as take pictures, record videos, talk, send multimedia messages, surf the Internet, send text messages, and in some cases can edit Photo obtained with this device.

Phone KeypadThe phone is also an electronic component, which consists of tiny chip and digital panels, which if not maintained properly can break and cause the phone to crash.

A mobile phone may have drawbacks for various reasons, either moisture, chips problems, stroke, etc. and the keyboard is a party to suffer these problems.

Keyboards buttons are plastic or a thick silicone, which has a layer form, it comes into direct contact with the chips on the board of the phone, and through it is that the functions thereof is actuated. In that place can form some mold or moisture and dust exist, which may be damaging the operation of the phone.

Sometimes we push them very hard to activate, and in this situation it is best to give a good cleaning so they are like new.

Tips to Clean the Keypad Cell

First, we turn off our phones and withdraw the battery. We open the cell, carefully removing the shell that covers the front of the phone. Generally, all phones have some spaces or gaps with fit to place there a tool that allows us to open the phone.

Later, proceed to pull the rubber sheet forming the buttons, the we take off carefully. Then the will wash, if possible with soapy water, dissolving in one liter of water 2 tablespoons of detergent. Forming foam wash well all parties, then rinsed and drain them on a paper that is absorbent. Finally, we proceed to dry with a fan or hair dryer to cold temperature, so there is no moisture and dust is removed.

A part of the microchip of the buttons must dry with a hair dryer, which will help us to dust and dry moisture that exists there. If there is grease, we can clean it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

A dry and clean once all parties, we again build the phone and thus as we have the keyboard clean and in working order.

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