Changing the battery of the computer

Although they are electric or battery artifacts, all computers have a battery that is triggered when they are off. Let’s see what it does and how to change the battery in the computer.

One of the tools we have at home and that more use will usually give is the computer or computer. And although as a rule maintenance is mainly software, there are cases where we can find hardware problems that are easily solvable, but not knowing what to do, just calling service and spending more money than you should.

CMOS BatteryOne such case is when we spent the stack. If, in case you did not know, computers use batteries, and when they spend, we realize that some data, such as date and time are lost.

What is the battery of the computer?

Each and every one of the computers, whether desktops or laptops, have a small battery inside. This is the button-type battery, similar to watches, so it is not difficult or expensive to replace it a new look.

The stack computers is leading a small power supply that comes into operation when the computer is disconnected (it is not necessary to give utility is unplugged. As we turned the team into action). In fact, consumption making equipment of this battery is so low that, as a rule, just before the computer getting rid of the old battery.

The battery serves mainly to keep active elements of computer to save your configuration. Without the battery, the computer continues to operate almost like her, but we realize that there are wild date and time. And before taking the set to fix, you better let’s try to change it.

Changing the battery from the computer

This task is very simple, because the battery is always in a visible part of the motherboard or motherboard.

In the case of a desktop computer, we will have to remove the side so as to leave uncovered inside. Looking for some will find a button battery. We will have more to extract and replace another one. We recommend you go to the shop with this battery to make sure you wear the right.

For laptops, this task may be more complicated.

First, many of today’s portable devices have installed a hatch on the underside, which gives the area of the motherboard or motherboard, and where the stack is located. In this case, we will have to remove a small screw and you can access without problems. But we also find many laptops that do not have this trap, so we’ll have to proceed to completely disassemble the cabinet to make the change.

Since each manufacturer assembles them in a different way, it is impossible to maintain a standard in the explanation of how to dismantle a notebook or laptop. What I usually common is that the battery be housed in the lower part of the team, so we will have to remove the screws from the bottom to access it.

Remember that when we talk about computers we are talking about a very sensitive tool by which to dismantle some point if it found resistance, it will be because we are not proceeding properly. Therefore, in any case avoid hitting or pulling force pieces, since you can end up damaging the unit.

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