Caring for and maintaining your Wristwatch

Tips for caring a watch

The watches are great accessories that accompany us in our daily lives. They are the ones that allow us to organize, be on time, remind us of our appointments and commitments, and to clothe us and complement our appearance. Therefore, give them proper care and maintenance is vital task, and we do so by implementing these tips.

WristwatchCare and maintenance of a wristwatch

First we must know the characteristics of our time, in order to give optimum and ideal care. Not be equal maintaining a submersible one common clock or the mechanical one, or one of quartz. Therefore, the best idea is to learn a little about our clock before even buying it.

Cleaning and maintenance is the best tool care. We must clean the glass of the watch with a soft, lint-free, without chemicals. If necessary, apply a product to a soft cloth, just moistening, and with this cloth will clean the glass, and also the housing to remove grease and dirt. Belt, depending on manufactures materials can be cleaned with a damp or dry cloth regularly.

We also take care of our clock punches and violent shaking , trying to avoid as far as possible and remove the wrist if you perform a task that might compromise its integrity, either physical activity, sport or swim, sleep and even washing dishes. Moisture is the enemy of the watch: although it is one waterproof or water-resistant, do not exceed the recommended limits, and always respects the maximum depth and admitted pressure, you’ll see in the watch body or housing.

The magnets can affect the sound operation of your watch. Try not to let it near magnetic fields to ensure a long service life. Also, the clock must be protected from sudden temperature changes, perhaps with some cloth covering it when you’re in the hot sun, and leaving it under your sleeve in extreme cold.

Always take into account that a watch is a tiny sum of interlocking parts, and is very vulnerable to damage, however slight. If possible, do not open your watch, and to damage or malfunction experienced take it to a watchmaker for repairs.

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